Muslim Women Institute for Technology (MWIT) Academy

Develop your skills and confidence.

The MWIT Academy teaches essential soft skills that you need to advocate for yourself and build meaningful careers in this rapidly evolving world. Things like confidence, negotiation, and design thinking.

They don’t teach this in school

Success in your career requires more than practical proficiency. A global nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the gender gap in tech, MWIT is here to help women thrive in their careers. Learn from our collective experiences and knowledge.


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What learning with us looks like

Our flexible, short-form online courses fit with your busy life, and complement MWIT’s practical workshops and programs. Expect valuable takeaways that you can utilize throughout your career.

Step-by-step Lessons

Complete courses anywhere, any time, at your own pace.

Accessible Resources

Watch videos and download interactive workbooks with templates, scripts, worksheets, and more.

Exclusive Community

Take your place among the inspiring global MWIT community (70k+!).

Asking Better Questions in Design Thinking

Explore the what, how, and why of good interviewing, a critical stage in any creative process. From initial engagement and strategic approach to research, and on-location management, learn how to craft and engage questions before, during, and after a project. Learn from case studies and real-life examples of asking questions in a variety of scenarios.

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Tech is changing, and you can be a part of that change. MWIT is here for you with the tools, resources, and community you’re craving to grow personally and professionally. Membership is free.